Why Vision Boards Don’t Work

Take a moment to pull up Pinterest and search vision boards. No, really, I will wait. Okay, fine click here. There are hundreds of articles on how to change your life with vision boards, which in my day were merely called collages, but we have obviously evolved.

So, you bought the posterboard (dollar store!) and clipped all your favorite magazines apart. A few crafty hours later, you have something that resembles a life plan. Where do you put it? if you’re like me, you put it in a place 1) where few others see it (because hey, they don’t need to know your life) and 2) where my cats or bf won’t accidentally destroy it. Unfortunately, this means it was completely hidden.

I’m a quitter, a skeptic, and an all around cynic. So I proclaimed dream boards are stupid and don’t work, and guess what, it didn’t work. My dream board made me angry because I was nowhere near these goals. I felt lazy and like I would never get there. How far away are some of your goals? Most of mine are at least 5 years down the line. I struggle daily on how to break down such huge goals. What should I be doing today to move in 3 years? Even though I don’t know the answer, I remind myself a lot that it isn’t Pinterest and Netflix.

Now, I use a combination of a prominently displayed (and half finished) dream board and Trello boards categorized by category and month. This is a new process, and so far it’s working.

How do you keep track of your dreams and goals? What hasn’t worked for you?

How Not to Start a Blog + Free “About Me” Resources

I have a confession. I have actually started a blog a few dozen times, but follow through has never been my forte. So, I’ve decided to take a different approach. Rather than try to perfect every detail and get it 100% “done”. I’m just going to share the process and hope all of you other non-perfect people will forgive me and just come along for the ride.

Today’s Goal: Complete My About Me Page

When I got stumped as to what to share on my about me, I went where any sane women goes with a conundrum…Pinterest. Oh my, so many great resources.

I started with Gina’s About Me Page Planner (and a plateful of microwave tamales). Her guide has 5 major questions.

  1. Who Are You?
  2. What Do You Love?
  3. What Do You Do?
  4. What Do You Believe?
  5. What Can You Give Others?

I am a pen and paper gal so I printed it.
Side note: I learned that I love a lot but I don’t do a lot.
Let’s put that on the back burner for now…

About Me

stalked browsed a few other sites (shout out to TheSITSGirls and A Problem Like Maria) for what to write, and Vintage Zest inspired the format. Thanks to everyone who is so willing to share ideas with a newbie.

Check out my About Me and tell me what you think